Is schererville in safe?

With a combined crime rate for both violent and property crimes of 6 per 1,000 residents, the crime rate in Schererville is one of the lowest rates in the United States among communities of all sizes (less than 78% of American communities). The probability of being the victim of a crime in Schererville is one in 172. The A rating means that the crime rate is much lower than that of an average American city. Schererville is in the 90th percentile in terms of safety, meaning that 10% of cities are safer and 90% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies only to the appropriate boundaries of Schererville.

See the table of nearby places below for nearby cities. Schererville has a population of 29,000 people, a number that continues to increase. The city is full of safe neighborhoods, is part of a great public school district (Lake Central School Corporation) and maintains strong businesses. However, its brilliant quality is its powerful sense of community that unites residents.

Our City Council, city leaders and local government know that the sense of community within Schererville must be appreciated, so they continue to promote it by improving the economic aspects and quality of life of the people they serve. In recent years, the population of Schererville has continued to grow and economic development has flourished. Schererville has a humid continental climate common in the middle and upper sections of adjoining U.

Schererville, Indiana


Residents have an excellent quality of life, making Schererville one of the best places to live in northwestern Indiana. If you're considering moving to Schererville, rest assured that you'll be moving to a city that is generally safe for you and your family. The main airports, of which Schererville has 0, always seem to be places of high crime due to the large number of people and the low population nearby. The typical semi-duplex or townhouse for sale in Schererville has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and approximately 1,600 square feet finished.

Here, homebuyers can become more familiar with what they can expect when looking for a home for sale in Schererville, Indiana. In addition to the Chamber, the City of Schererville has implemented two programs to help Schererville business owners improve. Here, Schererville residents can make the daily trip to Chicago to benefit from all the career opportunities available here. O'Hare and Midway International Airports are within an hour's drive of Schererville, which has a variety of different airlines.

Condos for sale in Schererville typically have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and approximately 1,400 square feet finished. Schererville opens its farmers' market later that same day, which sees it better than many other communities. The city has an area of 14.8 square miles and Schererville is located just two miles from the Indiana—Illinois border. There are several excellent veterinary clinics and animal hospitals located in and near Schererville, Indiana.