Who was schererville named after?

Many families struggled to survive in the Schererville area, named after Nicholas Scherer. In 1866, Nicholas Scherer planted the town of Schererville on 40 acres of land, purchased from swamp magnate Aaron N. The population consisted of about 25 families, most of them German Catholic. Other railroads crossed the new city, including Central New York and Central Michigan.

Schererville had a public school, a blacksmith shop, a dairy, a general store, a grain elevator, a refrigerator and a cigar factory. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church opened its doors on land donated by Scherer. Scherer married Frances Uhlenbrock and together they owned 70 acres of land along the Glenwood coast, according to Schoon. He also became the first postmaster, Schoon said.

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Long before Indiana became a state, long before Schererville was founded, people called this place the Crossroads. The name was appropriate, since several Indian trails crossed here, which later became routes for colonists' wagons traveling west.


has The Times of Northwest Indiana and The Post Tribune, which is owned by the Sun-Times. Like its neighbors to the east and south, Schererville experienced explosive residential and commercial growth in the second half of the 20th century.

In 1962, the Business Men's Association was formed, which later became the Schererville Chamber of Commerce. Today, the City of Schererville employs a city manager, a municipal attorney and a comprehensive engineering firm, as well as many staff and department employees. The Schererville Soccer Club offers a soccer environment for boys and girls from 4 to 17 years old (U6) through REC Plus. Many Indian trails (mostly Potawatomi) in Schererville connected to the Sauk Trail, the main east-west thoroughfare between Indiana and Illinois.

In 1991, Schererville's 125th anniversary year, the City Board included Larry Tucker, Vic Banter, Tom Kouros, John Fladeland and D. The city of Schererville continues to thrive today thanks to its hard-working civic and public officials. Schererville is served by the Lake Central School Corporation, which also serves the adjacent cities of St. Zima, and said she is concerned about the hundreds of photos in the society room located in the basement of the Schererville City Hall.

The campus of Hammond Baptist Schools, affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Hammond, is also located in Schererville. Because of the convergence of India's main trails, railways and highways in the Schererville area, the city adopted the motto “Crossroads of the Nation”. When he arrived at this place on the southern tip of Lake Michigan in 1865, he founded the community that bears his name.